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website design
Web Design

Your website is your Clearwater company's digital marketing provider. Therefore, a professional web design will keep your visitors engaged to your content.

social media
Social Media

Social Media is everywhere these days. For example, platforms like Facebook, Instagram and more can engage your customers in the Clearwater area.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is important for your business to be found online in Clearwater. In addition, Local Clearwater SEO helps your brick & mortar locations be found with online listings.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC advertising places your Clearwater business on top of search engine result pages. In addition, keyword bidding and targeting provides the best results.

Display Advertising

Display ads is a form of PPC advertising. Therefore, it shows an image of your business on websites that are relevant to your target audience.

Local SEO

Local SEO can help your Clearwater business achieve higher rankings in your search results. So consequently, this works for single or multiple locations.

Email Marketing

E-mail Marketing is a powerful digital marketing tactic. As a result, your customers and visitors opt-in to receive information on your Clearwater company.

Reputation Management

Reputation management relies on feedback and reviews from customers when researching information on a business. Therefore, it is an important strategy.

video message
Video Marketing

Video marketing is an effective digital marketing strategy that can bring huge results. For example, YouTube and Vimeo popular channels.

SEO Clearwater Company

When it comes to growing and maintaining your business, all business owners know they need to maintain a steady flow of leads. Our agency is here to help you with just that. Our Clearwater SEO Company will take the time to go over your website thoroughly to find out what areas are going to need improvement for both user-friendliness as well as for web search engines. We review sites to ensure that the on-page of that site is on point. There should be blog FAQs, an about us page, contact us, and information about your business in general. We will view your portfolio and look at the content on the website, including the words, images, and any graphics. Everything is important and must be properly optimized for the best ranking in the web search engines.

Once your website is up to par and we feel it's ready for the next step in SEO, we'll work with the off-page of things. This can be blog posts, posts on other websites, citations, various content strategies, and other things that will help boost your brand and push your business to the top of the web search engines, where you will be found with our SEO services. 

As a local business located in Clearwater, Florida, we understand the surrounding market and what other companies are doing in the area to get their business seen. Our team will analyze what is currently working on the web for other local businesses and take it one step further with our SEO services. This allows us to get the edge over those who are ranking on the web in order to take the top positions. Having your website at the top of search engines is something that is very important in order to be seen.

Think about it, the last time you were looking on the web for a product or local services, you went to Google and typed in something that we call a keyword phrase. This could be something like "Roofer near me" or maybe something like "dentist in Clearwater". The search engine then produced a list of local candidates that fit what you were looking for. This list goes on for pages, but you probably didn't get off the first page, which is very common. That's why it's so important that your local business be listed on the first page, preferably as high up on that web page as possible.

Do I need to Hire a Clearwater SEO Company?

As an SEO agency, we are asked this all the time. Many small businesses think that they can just do the SEO themselves to make it more affordable. However, that's not the best plan. You'll need the skills, understanding, and knowledge to design and build a website that is user-friendly and functions. Once you have that website perfected, you'll need to focus on SEO and marketing. This could be Clearwater SEO or PPC (Pay per Click) and produce social media content and blog content on your site if you have one. This all takes time but also the knowledge and understanding in order for it to have any positive effect on the Clearwater SEO of your business. 

Aren't you busy with your business? When we are asked this, we often wonder how people have the time to do their jobs when they have a company to run. This is just something that comes to mind when small businesses are asking about doing their own SEO and web marketing. Not to mention that SEO and marketing online, in general, is forever changing. Keeping up with these changes takes skill.

Clearwater FL SEO Verse PPC Ads

People often get SEO services and PPC confused. Yes, it's all online marketing, but they are very different approaches with very different content in some cases. As a local SEO agency, we understand and have an SEO strategy that we use, as well as a different approach to ads. Let's take a look.

Paid-per-click (PPC) or paid ads can be run on both web search engines as well as social media. You have probably seen this a time or two. When you go to the web search engines and look up something, say a law office in Clearwater, you'll notice there are some companies that pop up with the word "ad" next to them. That's an example of a PPC ad in Google. However, the ads on social media are quite different.

Ads have two different approaches. The first approach is with the web search engines like our example. This is getting your website and information in front of those looking for your products or services. However, when we do social media ads, this is a little different approach. The ads are not getting in front of people who are looking for your type of business. But, they could be targeted to people who did that web search recently.  

You see, that's what we call retargeting. It's a very common practice. So, if you were on Google looking for a lawyer in Clearwater recently, you may have noticed the ads on your social media from attorneys in the area. That's the power of retargeting, and it can work quite well. However, there is also another approach to this, which is getting your product or service in front of people who don't know about you or know they need what you have to offer. This is great for building up your brand.

Search Engine Optimization Services for Clearwater Businesses

SEO services are different from ads, as it is more for the long term and should be considered as an investment. While ads are great to get the ball rolling, they can get quite pricey and aren't continuously working for you. However, with SEO, as we start to move your site up the search engines, we capture various keyword phrases. This will eventually expand and grow to other phrases as the authority of your site increases. This, in return, will help people find you all of the time, not just when you have ads on. Furthermore, you won't pay for every click, as you do with ads. Eventually, the website will be ranking for all sorts of terms, getting your phone ringing or orders through your e-commerce store. 

SEO is a marketing strategy that works for all sorts of different businesses. As long as people are using the internet, it will be around. Get your company found, your phone ringing, or orders coming through the door with our SEO and ad campaigns today!

Improve Map Rankings

You want traffic. That is the bottom line for improving your business's sales and leads. This traffic can come from the web search engines or from ads. However, there is one other place that people tend to look at, and that's your map listing, which is also known as the GBP (Google business profile). Our agency would be happy to discuss ways to improve your rankings and get it to the top, where you can be found. Our SEO services are some of the best in Clearwater. We work with companies to improve their web design and provide marketing services that give back to the bottom line. We will provide content, SEO services, PPC content, and so much more. Call today.

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Jeannie Casey

Jeannie Casey

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Alex at Zambuki is awesome. I've known him for over five years, and he and his team have consistemtly provided me with valuable, results-oriented advice that has significantly contributed to my business growth. I trust his expertise in SEO, keywords, social medi, and online reputation management. I wholeheartedly recommend Alex and his authentic, genuine approach to business development. I would surely recommend!

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Cormac McCarthy

Cormac McCarthy

Position, Company name

Working with Alex and his team has significantly boosted our website traffic and business growth. It's been a valuable partnership.

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Jennifer Hassell

Jennifer Hassell

Position, Company name

We've had the pleasure of collaborating with Zambuki for several years. As a business in Pinellas, we greatly appreciate the attention and time they dedicate to our programs and strategy. Their expertise in SEM and SEO has contributed to the growth of our web traffic and leads for our sales team, all while reducing our CPA. Thank you!

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Collin Mitchell

Collin Mitchell

Position, Company name

Zambuki has become an indispensable part of our SEO and marketing team. Their content and strategies are consistently well-crafted, and they pay meticulous attention to our unique requirements. They have consistently exceeded our expectations in every aspect, and I wholeheartedly recommend giving Zambuki a try – you won't regret it

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Earl Hubert

Earl Hubert

Position, Company name

Alex and his team supported my small business with SEO and website development services. Their work quality and commitment to customer satisfaction left a strong impression on me. I would enthusiastically endorse their services!

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Clearwater, FL is a vibrant coastal city located in Pinellas County, Florida. With a population of just over 115,000 residents, Clearwater is a bustling city that offers a wide range of attractions and amenities.One of the biggest draws of Clearwater is its stunning white sand beaches. The city's main beach, Clearwater Beach, is consistently ranked as one of the best beaches in the country by TripAdvisor. The beach is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports like parasailing and jet skiing. Visitors can also take a stroll along the Beach Walk promenade, which features restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues.In addition to its beaches, Clearwater is also home to several parks and recreational facilities. The city's Coachman Park hosts a variety of community events throughout the year, including the annual Clearwater Jazz Festival and the Clearwater Sea-Blues Festival. The city also has several golf courses, as well as a marina that offers boat rentals and fishing charters.Clearwater is also home to a vibrant downtown area, which features restaurants, bars, and shops. The downtown area is known for its charming atmosphere and its many cultural attractions, including the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, which is home to Winter the Dolphin, the star of the movie "Dolphin Tale".Overall, Clearwater, FL is a wonderful place to live or visit. With its stunning beaches, numerous parks and recreational facilities, and vibrant downtown area, it's no wonder that so many people are drawn to this beautiful coastal city.