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Women's Clothing E-commerce Store

A Canadian e-commerce store specializing in women's clothing partnered with our digital advertising team to increase website traffic, showcase their products, and drive sales through targeted Facebook campaigns and retargeting strategies. The successful collaboration led to a significant increase in website conversions, return on ad spend, and new customer acquisitions.

The problem

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The e-commerce store struggled with low website traffic, making it difficult for potential customers to discover their products and limiting overall sales potential.

The client had limited brand visibility and recognition in the competitive women's clothing market, hindering their ability to attract and retain customers.

The store had difficulty converting website visitors into paying customers, resulting in lost sales opportunities and underutilized marketing efforts.

The client lacked an effective strategy for retargeting potential customers who had shown interest in their products but had not yet made a purchase.

The e-commerce store was not leveraging the full potential of social media advertising, particularly on Facebook, to reach their target audience and generate sales.

The client had a limited monthly advertising budget, making it essential to develop cost-effective campaigns that would maximize their return on investment.

Our digital solutions


Our digital ads team developed and managed a targeted Facebook campaign to increase the store's online visibility, drive more traffic to their website, and showcase their products to potential customers.


We created a Facebook retargeting funnel to re-engage users who had completed an add-to-cart action, encouraging them to return to the website and complete their purchase.


We leveraged advanced targeting options and audience segmentation techniques to ensure the ads reached the most relevant and interested users, leading to higher conversion rates and more effective ad spend.


We leveraged advanced targeting options and audience segmentation techniques to ensure the ads reached the most relevant and interested users, leading to higher conversion rates and more effective ad spend.

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They loved working with our team

Women's Clothing

I've had an absolutely fantastic experience working with Zambuki! Their team of professionals went above and beyond to understand my business needs and deliver outstanding results. From the initial consultation to the implementation of their top-notch services, Zambuki has been a game-changer for my brand. I've seen a significant increase in website traffic, customer engagement, and sales. I wholeheartedly recommend Zambuki to anyone looking to take their online presence to the next level.

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