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Why Automated Social Media Marketing is Essential for Mortgage Professionals (2023 Update)

July 12, 2020

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Why Automated Social Media Marketing is Essential for Mortgage Professionals (2023 Update)

Mask? Check. Hand Sanitizer? Check. Facebook Post? Oops.

With all the things we have to remember these days, posting on your business page might be the least of your worries.

Unfortunately, 2020 is not the time to put marketing on the backburner. Consumers are now relying heavily on platforms such as Facebook for social stimulus, news updates, and even shopping.

In an age where your community has moved digital, a presence is essential.

Then there’s the ultimate question: What do I even say?

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When it comes to sales, the tone is everything. This is why you have more than likely received emails from businesses you completely forgot about– all sounding something similar to “We are here for you.”.

Solidarity and empathy are two major keywords that have dominated digital marketing in the past months. From airlines to corner stores, businesses are doing what they can to relate to consumers.

Yet this is a very unique time for a loan officer because your potential clients are watching those rates drop with stars in their eyes.

Which is why it’s important to still be a valuable resource for when they are ready to pull the trigger on buying their first home, or refinancing an older one.

Instead of spamming leads with the same thing every other business is telling them, provide them with information that will motivate them during these uncertain times.

Because as someone who has been quarantined in a small one-bedroom apartment, buying a house sounds really good right now.

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Jokes aside, our studies show that a couple of posts here and there aren’t enough to keep an audience engaged. You need to be providing a steady stream of content to remain visible.

That is why we offer a no-contract, industry-specific social media packages for all budgets.

With it you get relevant, premium Mortgage-related content tied into a strategy that will keep your followers informed and entertained.

But just don’t take our word for it. Sign up below for some samples of what you could be getting every month with Zambuki.

Why Automated Social Media Marketing is Essential for Mortgage Professionals (2023 Update)


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