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What Type of Social Media Management Packages Are Right For Your Small Business?

June 11, 2019

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What Type of Social Media Management Packages Are Right For Your Small Business?

Social Media Packages For Small Business

As a small business owner you are pretty much a one person show. Splitting your time between your core business offering and doing administrative things can leave little time manage stuff on social media.

Creating a comprehensive digital marketing solution for your business had many facets that you normally might not have come up.

Having a total marketing solution is the best way to future proof your business with piece of mind.

Social Media is just one of the 5-6 things that you should also be thinking about:

  • Managing Your Business Listings
  • Reputation Management
  • Website Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization and PPC

If you are interested in having our team do all the heavy lifting for you, feel free to setup a no obligation web consultation here to find out if this is a good fit for you.

You’ve heard all the “Facebook Gurus” tell you that you need to be on social media and you need to be posting stuff and making videos.

But what does that actually mean to your brand growth and standing out in such a competitive business environment?

growing your social media accounts

Facebook has 2.3 billion active monthly users as of 3/23/2019, and 1.562 billion daily active users.

If you are not taking advantage of the Facebooksystem as a small business owner you are probably losing out on some additional exposure.

You might be saying to yourself “but I don’t know what to post”, or “Facebook is for kids’, or maybe “I work only through referrals”.

The stats don’t lie.

  • 68% of Americans user Facebook.
  • Americans spend 58 minutes per day on Facebook
  • 88% of Facebook users are accessing through Mobile

The good news is, you can have a successful branding strategy on Facebook without spending a ton of money on ads.

Your business already has most of the content, you just need help to get it out to people in a way that they can consume on each social platform.

Facebook Page Management Services

There is a number of ways to market on Facebook, some services are based on building a brand , and some and strictly based on ad campaigns.

Each service will achieve different goals based on how you are trying to grow your business.

Many people try to do the Facebook Ads themselves and just end up wasting a lot of money because they are not selecting the right audience to target.

Most of the ad formats out there are just a picture that says “buy now” not knowing that you actually have to be targeting the right customers for them to buy.

If it was as easy as that, every business that decided to run an ad would be a billionaire!

growing your facebook page
  1. The main Facebook Stream
  2. Between Instagram Posts
  3. Inside Facebook Messenger
  4. Facebook’s Audience Network
  5. Or on all of them

The majority of Facebook ad companies just like to show your Ads based on impressions, now, that might sound good but if people aren’t calling you then it’s kind of pointless.

Facebook’s ad system is designed to manage ads and distribute content to its users. That’s how they make so much money is through advertisers.

Starting out you can get Facebook Blueprint certified which is a Facebook course you can take online that teaches you how to use the entire ad system.

After you are familiar with the types of objectives and audiences you can choose from then you can begin to create your first campaign. You can also set a budget on how much money you want to spend per day or lifetime for that campaign.

The first phase of the campaign needs to be identifying your audience segment . But what does that really mean?

IF you have been in business any length of time (the longer the better) you probably have some kind of existing customer list right?

facebook marketing objectives

Well the bigger the list the better because you can use the Facebook learning algorithm a few different ways to your advantage and to match you with the most relevant customers that fit your ideal profile.

That would be one of the first ways you could start off using audience insights to target the most likely to buy customers.

Here is an overview of the way you would do that if you don’t have a advertising package with a company that does this for you already.

First of all you need to have a Business Facebook Page, and if you don’t you can give us a call we can help you create one.

After you have that all setup, you can begin building your Facebook campaign which consist of about 5 different stages.

faecbook ads manager screen

What are you trying to achieve with the ad? Do you have a promotion you are running, or are you trying to build an email list? Select the type of result you are looking for.

how to select your facebook audiance

This is probably one of the most critical things that you need to do right.

Choosing the right people to market to could either but super successful or you could spend lot of time and money on nothing. We recommend starting from the customers you already have like we mentioned above.

You are able to load your customer list, with emails and phone numbers, and Facebook will go out and create what’s called a “look alike audience” this means the audience will be very similar to the people you already work with.

facebook placements

Facebook’s system has a vast reach across all channels, consider who is your actual customer and what type of product you sell.

If you sell something that if more visual, you probably want to be geared more towards creating more Instagram content since most people on there are visual.

But if your product is more informational based you want to be on Facebook most of the time.

4) How much money you want to spend:

One of the great things about the Facebook system is that you can choose your own budget. You can spend as little as five dollars a day and all the way up to infinity.

Once you have found which ads your audience is engaging with its time to measure how effective they are. For this you need to have your Facebook Pixel setup on your website or the landing page you are using for your conversion tracking.

building a brand on social media


Package Type 2: Brand Building Approach

Some customers don’t always respond to an Ad they saw on their smartphone. Some industries require a more long-term sales cycle that starts from a person trust you and your brand.

For example, the Real Estate industry is mostly based on a potential home buyer trusting their Real Estate Agent or their Loan Officer before they decide to buy a house.

Sure, it would be great it you could just create a quick advertisement and throw twenty dollars are it then “BOOM” you get a whole bunch of phone calls.

Some customers don’t always respond to an Ad they saw on their smartphone. Some industries require a more long-term sales cycle that starts from a person trust you and your brand.

For example, the Real Estate industry is mostly based on a potential home buyer trusting their Real Estate Agent or their Loan Officer before they decide to buy a house.

Sure, it would be great it you could just create a quick advertisement and throw twenty dollars are it then “BOOM” you get a whole bunch of phone calls.

Why do customers keep coming back to Brands they recognize?

social media branding strategies for small businesses

If it was that easy, everyone would be a millionaire. With the Branding approach you are looking at more of a long-term consistency strategy than a get rich overnight one.

Here are four of the core pillars we have found to work when trying to build a personal brand on social media:

  • Values
  • Authenticity
  • Personality
  • Aesthetic

If you decide to go the brand building approach feel free to contact our team to get see if this would be a good fit for you.

social media marketing ideas for small business

Have you ever felt stuck or encountered a creative block? We have gathered some quick and easy way to get back on track and start creating more content for your social media page.

Asking questions, and giving statements can be a low barrier to entry type of way to get the conversation started with your followers.

Lists are a great way to engage with your followers. Creating a quick list of the most common questions with answers could be a good start to get more people conversations on your Page.

Think of three of the most common questions people have in your industry and talk about it.

Think of the top three things that people in your industry are asking and provide the answers through engagements on your Page.

Think of any new trends that are making waves and people will have questions about, be there to answer the question and be that point of contact and authority on the subject.

Ask for people’s opinion is one of the easiest ways to get interactions going because followers want to give their opinion on any subject out there. This is a non-threatening way to start an engagement and keep the conversation going.

Posting an open ended question takes the pressure out of your followers wants to have the right answer, so this will allow them to interact with your Page if they are new to your brand or they haven’t had a chance to get up to speed with the context of your business.

Sharing a similar experience, you had gives your followers an insight into your world and how you can help them solve their own challenges. Story telling is what you are trying to do when you create social media content, so it fits right in with the whole idea of social media marketing.

growing your facebook page organically

Growing Your Facebook Page Organically

There are several types of Business Pages that someone can start off with, if you are a new brand with zero followers and just created your page, and two, the business or brand that has had a business page for the last few years but just hasn’t really utilized it very much.

Everyone has to start from somewhere. Getting started on Facebook is pretty easy. Just create a Facebook Page for free, optimize it a little and you’re off to the races.

Not so fast, now you need to get people to like your page so you can start to grow your audience.

Most people already have a few hundred friend on their personal Facebook profile page, those people can leveraged to grow your page in the beginning.

The way you can do this is, to navigate to your business page’s main area and click on the “Invite Friends” button. We recommend inviting everyone on your friends list and seeing who likes your page. If you have close friendly and family on there, they are sure to like your page.

growing a social media account

Random people and acquaintances might not like your page right way, but let’s say that out of 300 friends you get around 65 people to like the newly created page.

At this point you have 65 people that can potentially see your content.

So what’s next? Well, you now have to put out content and information that they will find informative and engaging.

When your followers “likes” engage with your business page or content post, Facebook’s algorithm works in such a way that it could show your content to new and relevant people.

Kind of like when you see a random cat video that your friend was tagged in or commented on.

creating memes for facebook content

That’s why having consistent and engaging content is key to grow your page or any other social media profile effectively.

If you don’t know how-to create content or don’t have the time, and want our team to help you, feel free to schedule a consultation call to find out if this would work for your business: contact our team.

You may have already heard the term “boosting” content, what that means is: using the Facebook system to reach new and targeted audiences. Since Facebook has become more of a pay for reach type of a business model its one of the less expensive ways to reach new people.

For your to get more likes from a Boosted Post, you need to take 5-10 minutes and research what is going on in your industry.

how to boost a post in facebook

After you have found a topic that people are talking about, you have to create some type of sharable content.

This can be a “Top List” or some type of How To Video. Once you have created the content , you should post it on your page, then Boost the Post to a 10 mile distance and add your target demographic. The post should have a budget of 50-100 dollars and run for 7 days.

Social Media is one of those things that has different price points based on your specific needs.

There is some marketing agencies out there that like to do their price structure as one flat rate. Some companies do a sliding scale with a percentage of your marketing budget.

We recommend evaluating where social media marketing fits in your business and budget accordingly.

Each business has a marketing objective that they want to reach. If you want to find out if our team would be a good fit for your budget and goals, feel free to contact us or setup a private consultation call here.

What Type of Social Media Management Packages Are Right For Your Small Business?


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