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Get Inspiration From These Websites in 2023

January 10, 2019

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Get Inspiration From These Websites in 2023

Top Squarespace Website Examples For Small Businesses That are Designed For High Conversion Rate

Squarespace is a website Saas (software as a service) company that provides small businesses and professional service providers an easy to user website builder and templates.

Choosing the right template for your business or profession can be kind of overwhelming at first, especially since Squarespace has company different kinds of template families to choose from. Picking the best template can sometimes become kind of confusing.

Please don't forget to scroll all the way down to see all the examples.

We have gathered some of the best templates we like so you can browse examples of what you like.

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#1 Margot: Best Small Business Websites Examples

An image of a woman tasting the food
Margot Template

The Margot template is what restaurant websites need to look like. You instantaneously feel the "vibe", clear to read and direct. The main feature is a large image slider that allows you to cycle through different images which gives you the feeling you are already a client of the business.

The site have a top navigation menu which is a little hard to read at first but you realize that it's optimized to fit the picture background and buttons. It features a Lets Chat now button as well as the social media links for that particular business. Having your social media linked on the site is a must for giving Google a good image of your brand.

If you are a freelancer or consultant that wants to wow clients with a professional website and portray are large brand type of feel, this is the template that you should go with.

Favorite Features:

Full bleed image backgrounds: With so many nice websites out there is important to stand out somehow, and having a big image background definitely will let you stand out from the competitions.

Thought out navigation menu: Creating a easy to use navigation experience for your visitors is key if you want them to explore your entire web page.

Portfolio style design: This theme would be great for anyone who want to build a portfolio type of website for their services. It's super clean looking and has a good layout.

Optimized image quality: A super important thing now days is to have your images optimized for every device so visitors have an easy time interacting with your website image information. This theme does a good job of making the mobile experience awesome!

Mobile compatibility: Squarespace allows it's customers to edit their website directly through the mobile website builder, there you can add and remove image and widgets from your site.

#2 Brine: Best Website Templates For Small Business

squarespace popular template brine
Brine Template

Creating a business website with Brine is simple and easy. This template caters any many different types of configurations. What makes it so interchangeable is that there is navigation menu at the top of the page, and the large background allows you to showcase a hero image of your main service or product.

Using rows and columns allow you to arrange the content in a methodical based on the information you want to display.

You can make this page based on a blog or a online store with just a few clicks of the mouse make the best squarespace template for professional services.

Having a top menu design is not something new, it has been for a while, but in recent year it has become a more popular design style that allows spacing and shadows to be used in a way which promotes usability.

Favorite Features:

Responsive friendly design: Responsive design is a must in 2019 and beyond. Making sure that the website design resizes to the individual visitor’s device is very normal now.

Row capabilities: Rows allow for a content to be displayed in a grid format for better user experience. This is accomplished through the use of interchangeable blocks.

Sticky navigation menu: Navigation style allows the website to capture the visitor’s eye. This is how most websites are able to control the amount of content that is displayed in the header and footer.

High quality fonts: Changing fonts is done through the site styles panel. Having the right font size and styling creates a vibe the is followed through the entire website.

#3 Bedford: Small Business Website Examples

squarespace bedford template
Bedford Template

The Bedford template is create for anyone who wants to display their work, like Photographers, Musicians, or Wedding Planners.

The site welcomes you with a large H1 title on the main page, and a call to action below it. You can choose your own images and make them the row background.

The fonts used are a serif-font typeface that makes any website look classy and timeless. Logos are an important part of any website. With the invisible navigation menu, you are able to display your business logo in a more prominent way.

If you want to showcase your portfolio, or services, this would be a create hassle free template to start off with.

Favorite Features:

Site logo: You can use your own logo or you can use the Squarespace logo maker to create on in their system, you can also use their mobile app and update your template’s logo from the app.

Subscribe to a newsletter: Another great feature of this theme is the ability to subscribe to a newsletter and keep your customers informed about the latest offerings of your company.

Donation button: Taking payment can be done through a donation button that can be hooked up to the merchant account you are using, if you accept payments.

Bullet points and rulers: You can separate different section of a page by using the rulers function, you can also change the ruler color or even add a border and line thickness in the text blocks.

Banner image background: Using the background image as a way to set your site apart of the competition is easily done by uploading an image that is at least 1500 pixels wide.

Compatible File Types:

  • JPG
  • GIF
  • PNG

Not Compatible:

  • PDF
  • PSD
  • TIFF
  • Word Doc

#4 Moksha: Wellness & Yoga Studio

squarespace moksha template
Moksha Template

The Wellness and Health industries are top contenders for this template. Having a well design and clear to understand site for your patients is one of the main things that set you apart from a really well designed website and one that gets your more visitors and conversions.

Wellness Professionals choose Squarespace because of the ease of use and template readiness of these designs. Pretty much any look you start off with is going to work really from the beginning.

Favorite Features:

Stylized grid Photo gallery: You are able to great gallery blocks which allow you to create a unique style of photo arrangement for your visitors. Squarespace also has the capability to pull high quality stock images for your use.

Customizable on mobile: Appearing on mobile devices is done with style and responsive design on the template. There is a built-in mobile version of each website which makes it appear really good on smartphones.

Blog posts: Create engaging and rich content using the Squarespace blog templates available. Inserting images and videos will make your blog a lot more appealing to the visitor which could help you grow your subscriber base.

Quotes: Styling quote blocks allows your to embrace what previous customers and industry leader might have said about you. This way or displaying information organizes it in an easy to read way.


#5 Heights: Fitness & Training

Heights Fitness Template

Heights is probably one of the cleanest health and fitness designs I have ever seen. It blends a modern and contemporary feel, with large and industrial style pictures.

The fonts are big and readable, I would recommend using at least a 16-18pt font if you are trying to educate your visitors on what you do.

This site does a great job of giving the potential customer a feel of how what the establishment will look like if they decide to sign up for their services online.

Many health clubs and gyms use a 3rd party integrated appointment setting system but with this template you can arrange your classes in such a way that it gives it a visitor a quick way of scheduling a class.

Favorite Features:

Store sign up: An eCommerce experience is going to be standard for many industries in the coming years, more and more people are buying stuff through an online store, and spending billions of dollars yearly.

Shopping cart: Visitors buying memberships through a checkout process online brings additional revenue streams to any business, being able to recover the user’s information through the cart could give you access to more leads.

Contact form integration: Using form blocks turns your website into a selling machine, being able to store form submissions and even integrate them into a mailing service is a game changer. The forms are not HIPPA compliant, we recommend using a 3rd party service for that.

Call to action buttons: Once you get your visitor to your page, its important to be able to convert them into a buyer! Using Button Blocks allows you to create custom calls to actions based on what you are trying to sell.

#6 Pacific: Food & Restaurant Website Template

squarespace pacific template
Pacific Template

If you own a Restaurant or Bar, the Pacific template is something your business can’t live without! The best way to display what you have to offer is through large and dynamic background images and video.

Customer make a sit hair decision based on if they want to visit your establishment, and having an aesthetically pleasing restaurant website plays a big role in them actually coming in.

Reviews also are important with links to awards that the restaurant might have won. Local events or food trucks are becoming a popular type of small business all over the country.

Showing up at the right time and providing a full menu through a smartphone or desktop is super important now day, the old day of relying on word of mouth are gone. It’s all about having a digital presence with a content rich website.

Favorite Features:

OpenTable integration: Have you ever ended up a restaurant you found online with great reviews but it ended up being overbooked? OpenTable integrates into your website as a block and you are able to offers visitors a way to reserve a table before they come in.

Online ordering: Shopping online has become the main way consumers buy things. Being able to manage service products can bring is an extra stream of revenue for the restaurant.

Hours and location: Business hours are mission critical, they need to be visible and updatable on a moment’s notice. With the business information settings available through the home screen, you can make sure no one ever comes when you are closed.

Reservations: Getting people in the door is a restaurant owner’s main job. Creating a SEO optimized website can help bring in more visitors through a proper sitemap.

#7 Miller: Boutique or Clothing Brand

square space miller template
Miller Template

Branding is becoming synonymous with what your online image and social media is like. Having the right site that converts visitors to customers is most important now than ever.

Clothing brands and local shops are the main types of businesses that would benefit from the template above.

When a local customer is looking through their social media and sees that a local shop is having a sale or a clearance, they are much more likely to actually visit in person and make a purchase through that online ad or coupon they might have seen.

Favorite Features:

Social media add-ons:

Blogging features: Bloggers have been around but with Squarespace creating a blog post, and tagging the subjects you are writing about can prove to be very powerful. With thousands of people searching online and social media, your message is able to be found by the right visitor.

Album Pages: Showcasing your music and songs has never been easier than now. You can add your whole band album and sell it via your website.

Background video: Embedding video from Youtube, can bring added value on the page you are working on. You can also play a loop and customize the look and feel of the way the video displays on the page you have created.

SEO optimized pages: Knowing about SEO basics before diving into all the technical stuff.

  • Sitemaps are important so that Google knows all the pages listed on your website.
  • Secure websites are less vulnerable to attacks if they have a SSL certificate.
  • Google likes to see websites that are following all the latest HTML and CSS code
  • Having a mobile optimized website is critical if you want to be found on smart phones with certain relative keywords.

#8 Adirondack: Online Store & eCommerce

squarespace adirondack template
Adirondack Template

If you are thinking of starting to sell your products online, this is the template that I would recommend you start with.

It’s a basic design that has all the must have features of a online store, it’s also great for beginner shop owners as well. Uploading your entire inventory as well as creating promotional specials for your biggest money makers is super easy.

The clean and crisp look of this site is simple yet stunning at the same time. Its an open canvas for you to sell physical products or digital ones, even if you don’t have an actual brick and mortar location.

Getting start with selling online has never been easier, since Squarespace offers many video tutorials on how-to setup a successful store and get all the benefits of an online eCommerce services.

Favorite Features:

Third party shopping cart support: Squarespace is great about providing all business and commerce plans third-party customizations so you can make your store unique to you and the product you are selling.

Product reviews and recommendations: 1 in 3 customers makes a decision to buy a product based on reviews. With the Squarespace store, you can integrate what your customers are saying with a Facebook plugin, Comment Box, and Rating Widget code.

Accepting pre-orders: If you are launching a new product or working on something new, I like that you can set a stock level and determine your customer interest with accepting pre-orders on your product descriptions. Create a discount if you want to move the product with the cart button faster!

Squarespace hosting plans: Choosing the right plan for your needs is super easy with the Squarespace comparison chart. Depending on if you want the Basic or Advanced package the annual billing would be less then then the monthly billing cycle.

Etsy integration with Squarespace: Some of the top artistic people in the world put their products on Etsy, with your Squarespace is compatible with Etsy.

#9 Choosing The Right Squarespace Template

With hundreds of different styles and designs, Squarespace has a great support system on how to pick the right template for the type of business or service you offer. There is a few different suggested templates types to choose from that feature:

  • Index Page
  • Navigation Menus
  • Sidebars
  • Footer

Depending on what you need picking the right one could some down to personal preference.

#10 Squarespace Template Comparison Chart 2019

Squarespace has an overwhelming amount of templates to choose from. When it comes to choosing page types, navigation, and mobile compatibility. There is a blogger out there who does a really good job of breaking down exactly what everything means, and choosing from the template comparison chart.

According to the Squarespace Template comparison charts there is about six main factors that come into play when choosing from the different template families they offer. Choosing the best template for your business will come down to which one of these aspect of the guide you want to go with;"

  • Page types
  • Site layout
  • Navigation
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Blog Pages
  • Gallery Pages

Get Inspiration From These Websites in 2023


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