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The Top Reasons You Need A Social Media Consultant To Manage Your Facebook Page In (2022)

April 3, 2019

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The Top Reasons You Need A Social Media Consultant To Manage Your Facebook Page In (2022)

Running a business and staying on top of all the latest social media trends can be a daunting task. Most business owners think they can just handle their social media because they think it would be less expensive and they could just post a few cute cat pictures and some related articles.

Most of the time, this is not a winning strategy. Having a social media assistant, someone who knows all the ins and outs of the different platforms is one of the biggest deciding factors of winning in the social media world.

facebook and twitter

The benefits of having someone work on your social media page is is obvious. Below are some real world actionable things that your strategist should be doing for you.

Saves you time by creating content and posting on your Facebook Page

You are small business owner, you have a lot of things on your plate as it is. Strategizing on your own and trying to figure out the latest meme that’s trending is probably not your number one priority.

That’s why having someone looking out for your brand saves you time, and money in the long run so you can focus on building your business.

Handles your Facebook page management for YOU

Facebook makes updates and changes to their system almost on an hourly basis. Trying to figure out the latest features and how to use them is a separate job by itself.

Your social media consultant is someone who is super familiar with the way Facebook works, since we spend all day everyday creating content and optimizing pages we are able to notice the small incremental features that Facebook and Instagram puts out every day.

You and your Business are unique. But sometimes finding something that sets your Facebook Business Page from the rest could be kind of difficult. This is where someone who does this for hundreds of clients per month would come in handy.

Social media is a fine art of blending personality, strategy, and data.

Having your very own social media assistant who is trained in all three will create a meaningful branding message that will resonate with your current and future followers, but why you might ask?

Well because we help capture your real personality through weekly consultations and brand refinement.

social media calendar for facebook

Creating a branding template is similar to a social media content calendar but better. When you establish your overall brand voice creating content becomes easier and easier as well as more effective.

Having a structured idea of how your social media pages need to be managed help with creativity and letting your ideas flow a lot easier than if you didn’t have someone there to guide you through the while process.

Having the right expectations from the beginning is one of the most important aspects of creating a social media strategy. Social media in general is not a get rich quick type of a strategy, it's now pretty much a requirement for any small business owner to keep themselves in front of their followers.

There is a many social media platforms out there, and knowing which one is the best fit for your business requires a deep analysis of what your goals and expectations are.

Having a Social Media Consultant go over the intricate differences of each one will help refine where you should be spending the most attention and budget.

Some brands are more Image heavy which means they would do good on Instagram or Pinterest, on the other hand other brands are more educational which means they will need to have a strong YouTube presence.

Each brand’s needs are different, knowing where your strong points are and how to communicate them to your audience requires specialized knowledge.

As social media content creators we specialize in distilling your brand’s offering to a visual message that your followers can resonate with.

We then use analytics to determine which type of content is the most effective for your target audience demographic.

what hash tags are trending
The Most Popular #hastags
the best ways to think of content to post on social media

The online world of social media platforms can change within a few weeks. The advice you might have gotten from your sister about "posting kitty pictures" was probably great back in 2007, but its now current time with different branding strategies. Below are some of the concepts that having a social media assistant service would help with.

As of 2015 Facebook has been involved in Live video. A number of years later Live Video Broadcasting is still one of the best ways to gain new viewership with people who are not familiar with your brand.

Having someone there to coach and recommend things to talk about on a live broadcast can propel your message past your shy competition, since you have your very own guide that will help you through thinking of what to talk about.

Facebook Live has been known to have a deeper reach into new audiences than a regular static or image post.

Facebook advertising is one of the cornerstones that makes Facebook what is it is today.

Back in the day you were able to just post a quick idea and you think expect it to reach most of your follower base. Not anymore. Facebook advertising is one of the key ways to reach and expend your audience through paid advertising.

There is two main ways to run ads on Facebook. Number one, user Facebook’s Ad Manager and create a full on campaign with targeting and audience insights (there is more to it) Or number two, which is Boosting simple posts that are performing well.

Understanding that social media is a long term strategy will give you a better idea of why having your very own consultant is the way to go.

They will be the ones who are keeping up on the latest trends and memes.

Then they give you a rundown of how your branding can align itself with the current trends on different platforms.

using social media for business purposes in 2019

How To Use Social Media In 2019 and Beyond

As the eco system of social media websites changes having a personal guide to lead you in the right direction is essential if you want to stay ahead of the curve. Below are some of the ways a dedicated social specialist will beneficial to your brand.

Getting the most out of Facebook for small business

Facebook has now offered a Business Profile centric page that all business owners need to take advantage of creating a post on that is probably the most basic thing you can do, but from setting up lead captures, to analyzing your page’s engagement rate, can give you deep insights on who is visiting your page and how they are consuming your branding.

Choosing a social media strategist who is Facebook certified is a smart way to go because knowing the right objectives to choose from in Facebook is going to help you achieve the type of goal you are looking for in your marketing campaign.

Keep in mind credentials are not always the answer, you should also be looking for client referrals and over all experience when choosing someone to work on your Facebook page branding.

Are you having an event or trying to promote a service?

When it comes time to put together a strategy to getting your message out there, having a systemized approach to conveying your value proposition to followers is what a social media consultant is there to do.

They will take experience and previous stats from your page, then formulate an approach that is communicate your message to your audience in the most effective way possible.

how to use facebook analytics and reporting

Running a page is not all about posting things and images. Knowing how your audience and followers are engaging with the content you are creating is probably second to creating the actual content. Analyzing reports and split testing can get pretty boring, but it's still very important. Thats why you want someone else to do it for you :)

Helps you understand your ROI - Your Brand Is A Business Model

There are pretty much two ways of approaching getting value out of your social media efforts.

The first way is from establishing your brand and being able to capture new clients by them recognizing you as an authority in a particular subject online.

The second is by creating an irresistible offer that you then advertise to a specific demographic, through testing and refining your offer you then learn what is going to work and what is not going to work for getting you new leads.

Keep in mind that advertising on Facebook requires a daily and monthly budget which is constantly being spent, that’s why having a refined campaign is important, so you don’t end up spending all your money on something that isn’t working the way you expected.

Understanding your audience is one of the key differences that we have seen between a successful strategies. Knowing how your followers are responding to your messaging is critical if you want to drive post engagement and interactions.

This is really where the rubber meets the roads because when one of your followers likes or comments on a post, they friends can also see and interact with that engagement.

Since most social media consultants work with many clients per month, they are able to reference which content is resonating better with each demographic, and then adjustments can be made to enhance those results.

social media marketing tips for 2019

Getting Social Media Marketing Tips

Having the right information is key to a successful content strategy. You need someone to give you the latest trends and happenings on the many platforms out there. Our social media assistants eat, live and breathe Facebook so you are in good hands!

Find some of the top platform that we recommend in 2019 below.

The world we live in moves pretty fast. So should your marketing strategy.

As a business owner trying to grow your company and take care of customers, your social media presence can sometimes be the last thing that you have time to work on, that’s why a social media assistant has become an essential addition to any growing brand’s must have service.

For example, our social media consultants reach out to you on a weekly basis and make sure that we are getting the latest relevant information happening in your business so we can create engaging content based on your latest news.

zuckerberg sipping
how to create content for facebook business pages

Currently with 2.3 billion monthly active users this is the largest social media network in the world that allows you to connect with your target audience through text, image, video, and live video engagements. This is the platform you want to be using if you are trying to create content and reach a target demographic in the USA, ages 25-60.

content strategy for youtube in 2019

Second in the world is YouTube with 1.9 billion monthly users, its also the world’s second business search engine. If your brand is about educating your followers on your industry, and you are not shy in front of a computer, having a social media assistant can help coach you in the right direction for taking advantage of the platform’s massive potential.

instagram content management for small business

Much like YouTube, IG is a visual medium, when creating content for this platform, you need to always keep in mind that people here aren’t always there to buy, they are consuming things they are interested about, carefully curated visual content is the best marketing strategy for IG. Creating an Instagram Business Profile, or Converting your current personal account to a business page does allow you to target a new audience with paid advertising.

creating a linked in profile for my company

If you are in Real Estate, Finance, or Insurance industries, this platform is a most. With 294 million monthly active users, it is one of the highest concentrations of business professionals in one place. Creating personalized content for your network on LinkedIn is one of the most effective ways to share content with past and future business professionals.

branding strategies for social media in 2019

Facebook and Instagram are probably going to be your biggest options in 2019, with new changes coming out each month like Relevance Scores and New Management tools, a dedicated social media assistant can keep you up to date on the type of content you need to be producing to have an effective digital marketing strategy for your brand.

Your time is limited as it is, getting the most of your content creation needs to be impactful and worth while.

If you want a honest analysis of your current branding strategy, or you don't have one already, feel free to setup a time to walk with us below.

The Top Reasons You Need A Social Media Consultant To Manage Your Facebook Page In (2022)


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