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Proven Loan Officer Marketing Tactics for 2023

April 29, 2019

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Proven Loan Officer Marketing Tactics for 2023

Social Media Marketing For Mortgage Loan Officers & Brokers

As a Financial Professional your time is dedicated to prospecting for New Customers and making sure loans close on time. Creating a marketing plan template is probably one of the last things on your to-do list for the day. That's ok, below you will find some general information that hopefully will take some of the mystery out of social media.

With the rise of social media platforms now days consumers use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn to find a potential loan professional to help them with their home financing needs.

Using those platforms effectively can almost be a full-time job in itself, that’s why we have put together some general info that will give you an idea of what to expect when doing your research on digital marketing for mortgage brokers.

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The Top 3 platforms that any financial professional should spend time on are Facebook,

Instagram, and LinkedIn (for professional networking)

social media platforms

1) Facebook is not just for cute kitty pictures anymore

When you think of going on Facebook you think of friends, family, and CAT PICTURES!

More and more millennials are coming to and age where they are starting a family and will need to buy a house.

So, being on Facebook is definitely the place you want to be seen. Don't get me wrong, there is much more to it than just posting a few Zillow articles and watching the calls come in.

facebook post
Example of a engaging Facebook post.

We are going to cover some of the basis, since there is no "one size fits all" plan, we recommend at least being seen on Facebook so you can start building your audience for future marketing efforts.

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According to Pew Research Facebook's demographics are distributed in three key areas of the country, 75% is Urban, 67% is Suburban and 58% are in Rural communities.

This means reaching the full spectrum of home buyers is now a possibility. No matter what type of home loan product you offer, be it: FHA, VA, JUMBO, or USDA having a Facebook presence can benefit you.


  • 74% Female
  • 62% Male

Age Range:

  • 18-29: 84%
  • 30-49: 72% <--- Home Buyers
  • 50-64: 62%


  • $30K-$75K: 70%
  • $75K+: 75%

2) Instagram and Facebook go together like peanut butter and jelly

Instagram is owned by Facebook, so you are able to reach a lot of the same people.

The biggest difference is the Instagram User's intent.

Most people that and browsing their Instagram feed are not there to buy a house, they are looking at visually pleasing pictures.

Quick Instagram Tips:

  • Post visually appealing images
  • Don't overlay words on your image
  • Each new post should have new and relevant #hashtags (don't copy paste the same ones over and over, IG doesn't like that.)
  • Post multiple images in one post (this helps boost engagement)
  • Make sure that your IG is setup as a business account

So, what you need to be thinking about is, "how can I make loan products visually appealing?".

Suggestion: Reach out to your favorite Real Estate Broker friend and ask them if it's ok to promote their listing on Instagram.

Take the most attractive pictures and post them on IG aka Instagram with a eye catching caption.

If you want to learn how to grow your Instagram following scroll to the bottom of the page and feel free to book a consultation call with us.

3) LinkedIn is for growing your professional network or recruiting for your branch

One way to think of LinkedIn is like the "Facebook" for Professionals.

Let's be REAL. Most end consumers and not searching for their dream home on LinkedIn.

The biggest bang for your buck as a Loan Officer will come from networking with other Real Estate

Brokers and creating a value proposition for them to work with you when their client needs financing.

good linkedin page

Pro Tip: One of LinkedIn's biggest advantages is the built in article system. Writing useful content for the financial profession opens you up to more networking opportunities.

Having the right profile bio and picture is a key to having a successful LinkedIn profile page.

  • Spend time to make it amazing!
  • Choose a photo that's clear and current
  • Write a compelling bio (why would someone work with you)
  • Use relevant #hashtags
  • Request endorsements from past colleagues

How Facebook Marketing Works For Loan Officers and Mortgage Brokers

Doing a quick Google search on mortgage social media marketing will show you an overwhelming amount of options.

It's important to remember that there is two main ways to approach your marketing strategy. (also depends on your expectations)

They both require a certain amount of ideas for planning and strategy:

  1. Content Creation and Branding Awareness Approach (paid/free)
  2. Active Marketing and Mortgage Broker Facebook Ads (paid)

In a nutshell the Content Creation approach is posting relevant content to your followers that either brings value or entertains them.

Think about it.. your followers and friends are on FB to connect with others and to relax, they aren't

always looking to buy a house, so you have to find different ways to engage them.

You have to get them engaged enough so when you do post like "does anyone know someone looking to buy a home" you have built enough value for them, that they want to do you a favor and refer a potential client to you.

If you are going to go the content creation route with your social media marketing efforts, you should think of this as your "oil change" each month. You don't change your car's oil once in a lifetime right?

Social Media for your business is the same thing, its marathon, not a sprint.

leads sales funnel

The second way a loan officer marketing plan template can work is through Facebook and Instagram's paid advertising system.

This way uses a marketing budget to take potential customers down a sales funnel.

Much like most internet marketing concepts you have to nurture a pipeline of leads.

To make this strategy successful you need to have the basic elements of a sales funnel which are 4 different stages: Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action.


This is the first time your prospects interact with your brand so you want to make a good first impression right?

You want to create a level of trust by providing relevant information that helps them solve a problem or gives them useful tips about the home ownership process.


Here is where the power of Facebook really kicks in. At this stage you should be using your retargeting Pixel to provide even more value to the people who fit your ideal customer.

This could mean a Download to a Map or Guide that can help them understand what type of loan product could be useful to them.


The decision stage of the sales funnel is where you show your audience why they should consider working with You and Your company.

This could be done through video testimonials, written reviews, awards, and certifications that show you in a good light.


This is the last step of the sales process, it's where you ask your accumulated audience from the three previous steps to contact you about your services.

This should be some type of high value offer like a personalized consultation or special loan products that apply of for a certain area they live in.

Creating and managing loan officer facebook advertising campaigns can be time consuming if you want it done the right way.

If you want to focus more on your business and have someone else handle all the boring stuff, free

to setup a consultation call to see if we would be a good fit for your business.

How To Create A Digital Marketing Plan For Mortgage Companies and Loan Officers

You probably get approach by many marketing companies on a daily basis to sign up for their latest and greatest service.

Marketing for mortgage lenders aims to achieve sustainable success and remain relevant in the mortgage brokerage industry. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds since digital marketing is constantly evolving. With that in mind, it is essential to assess various tactics and determine the more promising one in terms of generating leads, connecting with previous clients, and growing your business. Choosing the right marketing strategy can effectively enhance your targeting efforts, allowing you to tap into the vast market pool of internet users. There are several scalable solutions for mortgage lenders which accommodate their specific needs.

What you should know is that there really is five different types of digital marketing that come into play when building your online presence. We like to use the acronym "SWEPS" to describe them. Remember that each loan officer or business is at a different stage of their online presence..

One person might need more social media help versus another person who could need to start from scratch and need everything from a website to monthly blogging help.

As a mortgage loan officer, you are constantly busy building relationships, attending closings, reviewing loan applications, and so much more on your plate. With so much to do, it’s easy to overlook mortgage marketing. Marketing for mortgage loan officers is vital when it comes to expanding the business, and that’s why it’s advisable to come up with a well-designed marketing plan. This is an excellent way to build traction on your brand and create meaningful relationships. Although the idea of marketing is quite broad and overwhelming, these five digital marketing strategies can help you make your mark in the industry.

Below is some general information that can give you an idea of what you might need to start build your presence online.

loan officer marketing
S.W.E.P.S Diagram


Social Media Marketing  

More and more of your potential clients are using platforms like Facebook/Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn in to communicate with friends and to consume news and entertainment.

Each one of these platforms has its own unique user base and requires a different approach to be

successful on them.

Website Design and Marketing (SEO):

Having a website is pretty much a standard part of any business&#39;s operations and growth strategy.

As a loan professional having a easy accessible website on all devices and one that has a clear call to action is key to growing your marketing list and informing your visitors about loan programs.

Email Marketing (drip campaign):

An email marketing campaign should be used as a long term strategy. Even though open rates with email campaigns have gotten lower, they still have a purpose.

This is a great way to keep potential clients informed on loan products and what your company is doing

Pay Per Click (PPC/Google Ads):

Google being the largest search engine in the world is an important place to be on. Even though the costs can sometimes be high depending on the type of industry, we have noticed that standard cost per click rates for loan products can range, anywhere from $15-$60 per click.

This type of marketing is recommended for large corporations with big budgets. As a loan officer or branch manager you can still take advantage of search by optimizing your website to appear on local search results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Creating a blog strategy is critical if you want to achieve results with SEO. Having a well thought out plan should consist of the right keywords included in your website, as well as links to your website from other industry sources.

Social Media and Digital marketing could vary from situation to situation, If you want to find out what could be the right path to go feel free to setup a consultation call with us to talk about your current needs.

Social Media Post Strategies For Mortgage Lenders/Brokers

social media content strategy

If you are a Loan Officer or Mortgage Professional you have many things on your plate to take care of, social media management is one of the last on that list.

It can also be overwhelming trying to think of where to start and what loan officer facebook ads you should be putting out.

Lets face it. Posting Zillow links and 3rd party news websites get kind of old, and not to mention those sites tag your potential clients with their own tracking codes.

DON'T DO IT! It's like giving those other websites free leads!

airtable for social media content

We like to use a service called Airtable, it allows you to create a visually appealing spreadsheet that you can load with your monthly calendar of content, dates, images, and you can keep track of it all though their system.

Creating a content strategy:

When you are first starting off creating content for your social media profiles, you want to keep it simple so you don't get overwhelmed with information.

Think of it as three main categories.

  1. Entertaining - 40% of content
  2. Informational/Call to Action - 20% of content
  3. Inspirational - 40% of content (Make it shareable)

content distribution

Source: Zambuki, LLC

You want your posts and ideas mostly entertaining or inspirational since most people that are on Facebook are not really there to be sold anything.

Not that they are against the idea of buying something from you down the line, but they are normally there to checkout what their friends are doing and to zone out before they have to get back to work.

Scheduling posts on Facebook:

After you have created all your content ideas for the month the next step is to schedule in the content on your Business Page.

First goto your Business Facebook Page timeline and click in Write A Post


Then click the drop down that says Share Now and select "Schedule"

(scheduling content is only available for business pages)

Then click the drop down that says Share Now and select "Schedule"

After that screen you should now see the Schedule Post screen

We have seen good results with scheduling posts every other day.

You want to allow the Facebook algorithm to process your posts one at a time and give them a chance to reach any many followers that you have as possible.

If you don't have time to manage your Facebook page and want some help, feel free to contact us for a social media consultation.

Corporate Social Media and Mortgage Broker Marketing Ideas and Examples

content distribution

A Mortgage company’s branch Facebook page can sometimes go neglected since Branch Managers are not social media managers :)

Having a branch-wide content calendar that has content ideas and which loan officers could contribute to them can make life a little easier to keep consistent with your company’s branding message.

When prospective clients are looking through your page, they want to keep who they are going to be

dealing with when it comes to one of the most important purchases of their life.

Having previous closing pictures with happy clients and home move in tips can also be something you can post to get you started.

Welcoming New Team Members

Posting new Mortgage Agents that join your Branch is a easy and quick way to use Facebook

advertising to your advantage.

When a Loan Officer or Mortgage Broker is looking for a mortgage company to join, they are also

researching what type of marketing templates the office has for them to use.

example of facebook social media post

Client Closing Pictures

When potential customers visit your Facebook Business Page they want to see what it will like working with a LO from your Branch. A good way to show that is through past experiences your clients have had.

client testimonials

Another good reason to having a picture of the closing with your clients in is, because you can then TAG your clients in the Post so their friend can see it on their own Timelines which is basically free exposure for you!

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

With the lending industry as competitive as it is, your branch needs every little bit of edge over the competition.

Posting reviews on your Facebook page you got on YELP or Google is a SUPER easy way to gain credibility and possibly sway a client to use your services.

customer testimonials

If you want to automatically post your reviews to your Facebook page, there is a company called Social Survey that lets you post all your reviews as they are posted.

Check Lists and Guides First Time Home Buyers

Your Facebook page should act like a resource to potential home owners. Giving valuable information builds trust and engagement on your page.

Here are some ideas:

  • Checklists
  • Guides
  • How-tos
  • Common Mistakes

If you want someone to handle coming up with content and do your Facebook management, feel free to setup a consultation to review your current presence.

Having a mortgage broker marketing plan is a sign of dedication to your business and clients, and that’s why you need a proven, comprehensive, and practical plan. It’s important to note that crafting the perfect online marketing strategy for loan officers and mortgage brokers cannot be achieved overnight. Before making any significant moves about your marketing strategy, it’s essential to gather all the information you can get. For starters, you’ll need to establish your target audience, which goes beyond people looking to refinance their property and potential home buyers. A well-structured plan covers all the bases from location, family orientation, and income bracket, among others.

The reality is that remortgagers and homebuyers might be looking for a mortgage broker, but it’s up to you to convince them that you are the right person for the job. Through efficient mortgage broker

marketing strategies, you can be able to stand out in a market that is currently crowded. Leveraging the best marketing strategy goes a long way in increasing client engagement and visibility. If you want to combat broker burnout and grow your client base, then you need to consider the strategies below. From email marketing, social media, or Google Ads, among others, mortgage brokers can boost their referrals and make the most out of every opportunity presented to them.

Email Marketing For Mortgage Brokers

email newsletter example

Having a newsletter sign up feature on your website is going to cost you next to nothing, but the returns on a simple email could be major.

You might be thinking to yourself what am I going to email people each month? The answer is simple! Just provide value by educating them on the subject you know best which is the lending industry.

There is many ways you can setup a marketing plan to engage previous clients and even grow your current audience.

Using Google Ads For Mortgage Brokers

With one of the most expensive pay-per-click rates, Google Adwords for Loan Officers is not to be taken lightly

But, as with most things, the pay off is much greater than your average Facebook campaign if you play your cards right.

Because despite the increased accessibility of consumer data provided by Facebook, the accuracy behind these leads is more than likely to vary.

Building a first-time homebuyer audience in Facebook ad manager (consisting of people who live in the USA) is an effective strategy but a much slower one.

The fact of the matter is that homebuyers go to Google before social media when it comes to seeking lenders. This makes Google Ads for Loan Officers, Mortgage Brokers and Realtors more profitable, thus more expensive.

With this in mind, it’s important to know how to exactly tackle this beast.

Even though Google Adwords may provide stronger leads, it’s important to consider that these two strategies work well in tandem.

Facebook is better for accruing a consistent following and content strategy, while Google is more aggressive and result-driven.

Our advice is to invest the majority of your marketing dollars into Google Ads, with an end goal to drive more traffic to your website.

Want to use Google Adwords campaigns to generate mortgage leads? From budget to strategy, find out everything you need to know to get started with a free consultation!

Hiring Mortgage Marketing Companies For Loan Officers

Many lenders and mortgage companies offer their LO’s some type of content to post on their social media profiles.

Sure, if you want to have some corporate looking happy family pictures, that might have for a little, but that’s just posting a generic cookie cutter type of templated content that all of the loan officers in your company are getting (kinda corny right?)

Should you use a marketing company for your social media marketing?

Well that kind of depends on what you goals are..

Every brand online should have these core elements to be successful on social media:

social media strategies

  1. Values: What does your business stand for?
  2. Authenticity: What makes your business unique?
  3. Personality: What makes your business relatable?
  4. Aesthetics: What does your dream business look like?

If you want to become rich quick, Facebook marketing if probably not for you.

But if you want to build a long lasting brand that you could pass down and use to hire on your own team, then YES!

As social media is constantly in flux, so are the various social media marketing practices. When it comes to social media marketing for mortgage brokers, the critical element involves consistently posting meaningful content on your profile. Most mortgage brokers find themselves lacking in this department due to the lack of creativity and time to develop fresh content for their posts. Some of the ways you can leverage your social media are by highlighting new employees, new company locations, client testimonials, client closing, and internal company news, among others. Any relevant and informative piece of information can enhance your social media marketing efforts.

Facebook is not a get rich quick, plan. There is Facebook marketing for mortgage brokers as well, that take advantage of the brand you have built up.

You are not selling trinkets to cat lovers, you are helping potential homeowners make the biggest decision of their life. Having a consistent branding message is what Facebook does really well.

Our company Zambuki, specializes in helping financial professionals, branches and companies establish their online brand and create a social media strategy that conveys your personality and values.
If you would like to discuss your current image and see what it could be missing feel free to contact us below for a no obligation screenshare meeting.
Proven Loan Officer Marketing Tactics for 2023


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