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Monetizing your Business Page: LOAN OFFICER EDITION

May 9, 2019

10 min

Monetizing your Business Page: LOAN OFFICER EDITION

Make the most out of your social media presence.

Current times call for an increase in digital marketing strategy, which means a lot of Mortgage Professionals might fall behind. This is why we made a blog dedicated to providing Loan Officers and Branch Managers with 3 hard-hitting, fast-acting guidelines to begin monetizing their social media pages as soon as possible.

Let’s dive in:

1. Branding is your bread and butter.

branding for loan officers

It’s important to understand that your business page needs to advertise you, not your company. The first step is to recognize your brand.

What is it about YOU, as a professional, that people are drawn to? This is the time to refine your brand and solidify your position in your online community.

If you are diligent and get back to clients in a timely fashion, how does your brand express that?

It’s as simple as writing a post on Facebook explaining how communication brought you success.

Or that one time you had 24 hours to put out a fire on a loan and nailed it.

People are attracted to you because of your experience and the only way they are going to know about it is through storytelling.

Branding isn’t just a logo, it’s an expression. It’s content. So the more you post, the more people will trust you.

2. Post content you’re comfortable with

social media management for mortgage brokers

You might have heard that it’s important to make videos and to show your face on social media.

But the truth is not everyone is comfortable with being on camera.

Even though we offer coaching to change this, we know that being camera shy is something that doesn’t go away overnight.

So while we weather these difficult times, focus on content that makes you feel confident.

If you like taking videos but don’t like being in them, make tutorials! Do a step-by-step credit health check.

Suggest tips and tricks that can help people get a better idea of their finances.

Endorse a website that can prove valuable for potential homebuyers!

Use your expertise to get a conversation going. Are selfies important? Absolutely.

Are videos important? Very!

But until you’re ready to produce some of your own, you need to be posting frequently to maintain your audience.

3. What Platform do I use?

best social media platform for loan officers

Not all business pages are created equal. Especially when it comes to the same brand but different platforms. Even if you are the CEO, your personal brand is what is going to sell your services.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

Do you take a lot of photos or are you better with words?

Do you spend hours looking up articles in your field or current events?

If you like selfies and like posting listings for friends, Instagram might be best for you.

If you like writing blog articles, LinkedIn should be your go-to.

And if you’re all about joining groups and actively posting, Facebook is the place to be.

If you have a combination of the three, sign up below for a

quiz that can help decide what platform works best for your brand.

Until then, stay safe.

Monetizing your Business Page: LOAN OFFICER EDITION


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