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Learn How to Drive Traffic and Convert Leads in Your Sleep

July 12, 2021

10 min

Learn How to Drive Traffic and Convert Leads in Your Sleep

A guide to following  up with potential clients without skipping a beat.

By: Margarita Ann

What if I told you that all that traffic you’re trying to send to your website isn’t doing you any favors?

Imagine walking into a store where there isn’t a single employee to be found. You want to know more about a product behind the counter but there isn’t anyone to sell it to you...
That’s exactly what happens when someone clicks on your ad and doesn’t receive a follow up.

Sure, leads are great- but what good are they if they aren’t being converted?

You’re probably too busy running your business to follow up and you might even have someone that handles that sort of thing for you… But unless that person doesn’t sleep or have a life- there’s nothing more effective than automated lead conversion.

Because let’s face it: There is simply not enough time in the day to give each prospect the attention they deserve.

So going back to that pay-per-click traffic you’ve probably tried once or twice… You had the right idea, all you need is a little bit of strategy.
Below are some steps you can take to start converting leads in your sleep.

facebook marketing for loan officers

1) Create an online presence

It’s so easy to confuse having a social media page with having an online presence. Taking into consideration the ever-changing algorithm, constant platform updates and not to mention the amount of competition you face online, consistent posting is the foundation of a valuable online presence. Your content is the first thing people interact with and if you want to be seen at all, you’re going to have to post A LOT.

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2) Set up a campaign

Ok, so you’ve got the content but not even your friends are liking your posts… What gives?! Well, for starters, your content wasn’t made for your friends. That’s what a personal page is for. When it comes to a business page, you want everything you publish to have a purpose. Once you put that in place, whether it be through software or by using an agency that specializes in social media strategy, it’s vital to invest your marketing dollars into boosting your content in front of the right audiences.

Bottom line: You’re going to need to budget for an ad spend.

3) Automate your follow ups

Let’s go back to the store analogy. Imagine the awkward feeling of waiting around for someone to tell you more about this amazing product you saw on a Facebook ad. Now normally, you’re a little creeped out by how well your ads seem to know you. But this time, they hit the nail on the head and you just want to know more. You decide to leave and just as you’re out the door someone says “Can I help you?” and you, excitedly, say “Yes!”, but as you're about to ask a question, the person disappears again.

That’s what happens when you aren’t on top of your leads. When someone submits their info, they are in your “store” and just want some follow up.

Now luckily, there’s affordable technology that can automate this process for you. Imagine sending automated emails to every person that comes into your “store”.  Not only will you be able to gauge their interest based on these interactions, but you'll be able to educate your potential client on your services and provide value while you sleep.

If you want to know more about how this budget-friendly process can impact your business, feel free to schedule a time to chat below.

Learn How to Drive Traffic and Convert Leads in Your Sleep


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