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5 Web Design Trends That Will Be A Must In 2023

January 4, 2019

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5 Web Design Trends That Will Be A Must In 2023

This year is going to be the year of the Website! Years of web development will lead to a pinnacle of the top 5 web site trends this year.

#1 PWA Progressive Web Apps

Image of phone and gears

Progressive Web Apps have been around since about 2015. This is a technology framework designed by Google to meet the demand of customers who want information displayed quickly. As smartphone usage and popularity grows more and more website will become PWA capable as the market demands it. If you want to know more about PWA and the benefits , checkout our previous blog post on that subject.

Reliability of PWAs

Mostly everyone has a smartphone in 2019 and that number is obviously expected to grow as time goes on. PWA enabled websites have the capability to load even in low cellular coverage areas. (yes those still exist)

Quickly Loads Website

As more and more people start to depend on their smartphone, a website needs to load as fast as possible. Research actually shows that 53% of visitors will leave your website if it doesn't load within three seconds.

Immersive Fullscreen Experience

The home screen of a visitors smartphone has become the epicenter of most people's lives. With PWA designed websites you can now prompt your visitor to add your website as a home screen icon to their phone. This enables them to access your information as a tap of a finger and it also promotes longer browse times.

2019 will be a big year for Progressive Web Apps!

#2 SEO Friendly Web Site Design

image of program codes

Every Business Owner's dream is to appear "on-the-first-page-of-google" "at-the-top-of-the-page". What they are talking about is kind of a buzz word called "SEO" which stands for Search Engine Optimization. There is two different aspect of SEO you should know about first: Off Site SEO, and On Site SEO. Off Site SEO is Links leading back to your website, Reviews, Social Media, Blog Posts, etc this tells Google you are an important website and should be considered. On Site SEO is how well your website performs for your visitors, this is what our company specializes in. On Site SEO is a major part of being noticed by Google in your local area. Website Page Speed, Load Times, and Security are a factor when trying to rank for visibility. Below are the actionable and On Site changes you can make to your website:

HTTPS Secure Website

image of https

Google officially announced that it is giving preferential treatment to secure websites. So why is this important to have a secure website using a SSL certificate? Google's algorithm indexes aka (catalogs) websites every second, it scans the website and grades in on multiple factors. Many of the factors are closely guarded secrets that no body really knows other than Google Engineers. One of the few things that Google lets the public know is major changes like this one that happened back in 2018, which is that securely encrypted websites that have the HTTPS in front of their domain name will be consider higher in the search results than websites that just have HTTP (non secure). What will happen if my website is not secure? Google will most likely put you towards the bottom of the search results and you could be putting your visitor's information at risk to hackers. Good news: all of our website are fully secure and compatible with Google's new algorithms.

Mobile Friendly Website

A google search image

Mobile-Friendly Websites and not a new thing, they have been around for quite a while, but they are making a huge come back in 2019! Most people think that just because they have a responsive website, it will function as a truly native mobile friendly site . There is many different benefits to having a mobile specific website , from the amount of time it takes to load optimized image to having the right sized buttons for people to be able to click to call and get directions. Google announced this WAY BACK in 2015! You can run a mobile-friendly test and find out if your website is compatible or not. Either way, we can improve you current website through our PWA based designs.

Speed is also a major factor:

Web Page Speed

Back in July of 2018 Google made it know that speed was 👑KING👑 now, this is coming full circle in 2019. They even created a website where you can test page speeds and evaluate where your website stands. Obviously you want your website speed to be the fastest since most visitors will leave a page if it doesn't load super fast. There is many factors that play a role in a website's speed:

Google Tweet about page speed:

CDN Content Delivery Network

So what is a Content Delivery Network and why does it play a role in how fast my website loads? The basic answer is a (CDN) is a big network of servers scattered across the country and the world which deliver parts of websites based on the visitors location . So for example if you live in New York City, and are trying to load a pizza restaurant website, the images and videos are going to come from a server located near you. This makes the website load faster for you. All of our websites are built on the Amazon AWS cloud and are CDN compatible, so you know your visitors will never experience long waits to view your information.

Latest Code

Your website needs to be coded in up to date code. Google and other web technologies load your website based on how efficient it is and how easy the code will be deciphered by the browser you are using. This has a factor in how fast everything will be displayed.

Image Optimization

An image of a computer setup

When you think of image optimization the first thing most people think of is, lowing the quality of the image through compression. This doesn't have the be the answer, its 2019! Our websites use Amazon's image optimization technology so that image loads based on their respective device. Here is an example, let's say that someone is viewing your website via a smartphone. The images that load are rendered in real time on the server side and served to your device already optimized for that device. When that same person checks out your website on a desktop computer, they will get a image which is optimize to be viewed at full resolution on a desktop computer.

#3 Background Video Website

Website  of pizza

Having a website that sets you apart is important in 2019. Last year we saw the big image slider type of look which create an immersive website experience. 2019 will make that look like a walk in the park, the technology is now advanced enough that background videos on websites are something very doing and only gaining steam. Your brand is important, give it an edge with a video background on your website.

#4 Gradient Design Trends

Smily emoticon

Gradients are mostly used to fill in design elements in a particular piece of artwork or design. We are starting to see the make a comeback in 2019! Not all gradients were created equal, if you have too harsh of a gradient things could start looking kind of yuckie. Its all about the right amount of feathering and colors.

Types of Gradients

There is almost an endless amount of color combinations and directional type of gradients being used on websites out there. Below are some of the most common ones that make a website look professional and subtle, but convey the right message across.

types of gradients

Examples of websites that use gradients

Websites that use gradients
Zambuki's Website
spotify website
Spotify's Website

#5 Animated Gifs

Animated gif

GIFs have been around for a super long time. First released in 1987 by the CompuServe corporation gifs have become a cultural icon used to communicate feelings and fun. It wasn't until just a few years ago that people started seeing GIFs used mainstream , popularized by the website GIFPHY you can now use a GIF in anything form a text message or a website video animation.

Creative GIF uses in websites

Creative gif in websites
5 Web Design Trends That Will Be A Must In 2023


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