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3 Things You Could Be Doing Right Now to Increase Mortgage Leads In These Times

April 19, 2020

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3 Things You Could Be Doing Right Now to Increase Mortgage Leads In These Times

Start building a pipeline from your livingroom couch

Hard to believe Zoom was just a verb and Lysol was not a hot commodity.

Yet, somehow here we are.

Designers are beginning to make business-casual pajamas you can wear in a meeting and you can’t leave your house unless you look like you’re either going to perform surgery or rob somebody.

Jokes aside, it’s safe to assume that many of the people you know have just lost their jobs and are stuck at home, waiting for things to cool down.

While others, such as yourself, continue to work through this unprecedented historical event , with no clear end in sight.

Rough, I know.

But the good news is that many professionals continue to work from home and plenty of them will be considering buying a home within the next year.

It’s no secret that rates are at an all-time low and consumers continue to actively monitor their local real estate market. If this is anything like 2008, a lot of young people are about to take advantage of the recession to become first time home buyers.,

The mortgage sales cycle may have been slowed down by our current circumstances, but that does not mean you can’t continue building a pipeline of leads for the immediate future.

We put together a quick list of strategies you can employ to get the ball rolling before you do something drastic, like making a TikTok.

1) Blogging

loan officer blogging services

Three out of five new clients admit that they used to think blogging was a waste of time. Those same clients were left wondering why their websites seemed to always be on the second or even third page of google. The truth is: there are no magic words to make a blog profitable.

Just keywords.

And having them isn’t always enough.

It is crucial to understand that the more content your website hosts, the greater your visibility. Not only are people searching for highly specific loan programs, but they are also looking for vital information that is going to help them make a decision.

Your ideal lead is not only interested but informed. Because there is nothing worse than being misled by a window shopper.

Making the most out of your blogs begins with creating a set of accessible tools for potential home buyers. This could be a guide, a checklist or simply some inspirational anecdotes from your career as a mortgage professional.

The key is to make your website an essential aspect of the mortgage education process. You want to become indispensable for your prospects, even if they are on the fence.

The best way to attract leads is to provide them with value. Ideally, this value wouldn’t cost you anything more than a weekly, targeted blog post that could later be used for other marketing purposes.

Bottom line: you can’t lose, only gain with consistent blogging.

2) Targeted Email Blasts

email marketing services

Time to dig through your inbox!

But let’s be honest, you probably already did this.

Email campaigns are always going to be effective, but they can be tricky. People don’t want to be spammed and if they get too used to seeing your name, you’re going to get flagged.

That is why you need to tailor your email blast for the right consumer persona. Keep in mind that you want to be remembered as a diligent loan officer with valuable information; you want to be a resource.

We highly recommend you draft your email blasts in the form of a newsletter because the truth is, you are the bridge between the mortgage world and us common folk.

Not everyone is able to research, let alone condense mortgage forecasts the way you can. If you are capturing email addresses, your goal should be to create something potential homebuyers can look forward to.

That is the fastest way to build trust.

From tone to structure, your strategy should lie in simplicity.

We suggest you make a four-week strategy where you draft four custom-tailored email templates to test on your current pipeline.

Don’t just send emails at random. You will be surprised to see how far a steady stream of content will get you.

3) Questionnaires

customer surveys

If you have a website, you must have at least one questionnaire and it should be front and center.

Going back to your ideal consumer persona, it is imperative that you keep your potential clients informed. The reality is that a lot of them don’t know where to start.

This is why a questionnaire is a perfect way for them to figure that out without wasting anyone’s time.

All it takes is a short series of questions to help them identify their goals and assess their financial situation enough to know whether they are ready to buy or need some help getting there.

The best part? You can help them regardless.

Something else to keep in mind is that if you blog consistently, you will be capturing leads and they will need a place to go. The questionnaire helps you organize these leads and can help single out the good ones.

However serious or not, the more your leads get familiar with your brand, the more they will trust you to help them make important financial decisions. That means that even if they aren’t signing up immediately, they are still interacting with your content and providing valuable consumer data.

If you are curious to see how any of these strategies can tie in with your current marketing efforts, we are happy to schedule a free 30-minute consultation call to help you gain the momentum you will need to ride our this pandemic.

In the meantime, don’t be afraid to get creative and as always, stay safe.

3 Things You Could Be Doing Right Now to Increase Mortgage Leads In These Times


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