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10 Creative Web Design Ideas In 2023

January 5, 2019


10 Creative Web Design Ideas In 2023

Thinking Of Creative Website Ideas

Whenever you are thinking about creating a new website or re-designing the one you have you should get ideas to see what the trend is. Checking out local competitor's websites can be a helpful tool to find out what your visitors are comparing you to.

Having a website designed in a such a way that it speaks to your visitor is one of the most important things when it comes to have an online presence.

With the overwhelming amount of website design companies that are our there we wanted to make your life easier and put together this list of creative website designs that we think are cool!


#1 Andrew McCarthy: Digital Designer & Developer

website gif

Andrew is a Digital Designer based in Phoenix, Arizona. One of the main trends that is happening now with websites is a mono-tone type of look that is simple to look at for your visitors.

Having simple colors can make it easier for them to make a decision and not be confused by many elements on the website. This website has kind of a cool background that is a bunch of gray and white stripes that almost give you kind of a dazed feel if you look at them too closely.

The background shapes and images on the website changes as you scroll down the screen. If you notice the website keeps scrolling through infinity, that seems to create more of an engaging experience for visitors on the website.

It looks like Andrew is also based out of Berlin, Germany. There is many famous web developers that work and live in that area. With the internet being more globalized and technology changing every month, visitors can come from all over the world.

I also checked out Andrew’s Facebook Page, which also has this type of minimalistic type of design to it. He is following through his entire branding and web presence with the same type of theme, which is a mono-tone, gray type of look and feel.

He is following through his entire branding and web presence with the same type of theme, which is a mono-tone, gray type of look and feel.

Andrew specializes in iOS Development, and Theme Design for various web based platforms.

He is always on the cutting edge of technology based design and most of his stuff seems to be minimalistic in nature.

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His website portfolio here:

#2 Sztafeta Pokolen

Image of Sztafeta Pokolen

This website is for the 71st Warsaw Rising Anniversary. It features a bunch of people's faces on different pages of the website. It is designed in such a way that when you move your mouse it changes the placement of the text on the site.

Also the website looks great when you go into the mobile version or even tablet. Having a website that works across all platforms and devices in kind of an important thing since most people are not using just one device through out the day. Over 80% of web traffic is based on a smartphone.

The website features of a scrolling type of mechanism that allows you to fluidly go through the information and see the featured characters for this celebration.

It looks like that the website was created using the latest version of Javascript and other programming languages. The CSS had a major part in making the website look the way that it does. The aesthetics are very modern and simple as far as the colors go.

Another feature of the website is that it's available in two languages, English and Polish. It looks like the Warsaw Rising even is held each year in Poland. Google recently announced that having a multi language website is something that they will consider when giving your website priority in the search engine results.

All in all this website has desirable features and it a great example of what someone can do if they take the time to get creative and follow a consistent theme.

If you want to learn more about Warsaw Rising, checkout their website here:

#3 Le Mugs

Website of Le Mugs

Le Mugs, is a restaurant based in France, made by the Play Agency.

Once you first land on the website, you can immediately tell that it is a parallax scrolling type of website. The creative aspect of it is, that not only does the background move with the site but elements in the background also interact with the movement of the mouse.

This is a pretty classic type of creative angle that many web developers have started to take on in recent years. As device screens get bigger and bigger, there will be a market for a website design that takes advantage of the entire screen real estate.

An image of a red drink

The website also has a really cool hover of pop up feature that makes it creatively stand out from the competition. Having animated features on your website can help the interaction rate go up. This is something Google looks at when scanning your website to quality and where it should go on the search results.

Making sure that the images are not too big and load slow is also another thing that Google takes into consideration. If you have too many animations they could "bog" your site down and make it slower to load for your visitors.

Check out the site here :

#4 Serve By Postmates

Postmates website

Postmates the delivery company has create a website for their future delivery system. The creativity is above and beyond what you would expect from a company that specializes in connecting restaurant owners with customers and delivering their food.

When you first visit their site you will notice it repeats the same type of parallax type of scrolling look as the previous website above. The background seems to be more a computer generated type of graphic displaying their prototype product.

#5 XmasTree Game Website

A box gif

This is a pretty awesome website design ! Its basically a full video game inside a website, it also works on mobile as well as it does on a desktop computer. It prompts you to use your mouse to drag and drop different elements of the website.

You also get to go through a tutorial before you begin to play. With the color being really bold and green it matches a Christmas Tree type of theme. Its basically like a new version of a Tetris game but made for the computer screen.

There is a gamification factor that goes into this game, I think the developer was showing an example of what is possible to develop through the latest web technologies. There is also a 3D element does goes really well with the size of all the elements on the screen.

#6 Creative Real Estate Website: HILL8

An image of a building

HILL8 is a new real estate concept located in Russia. The web design company that made the website is They specialize in branding and all aspects of communication according to the website.

HILL8 is a clean corporate looking site with some stock images and well as concept blended architectural renderings.

It features a drop down type of full screen menu that lets you navigate the different parts of the website in a clear and concise manner.

You are able to see the different floor plans for the apartments that the they offer on their website. It’s similar to a Zillow type of search functionality that lets you choose the price point and amount of bedrooms etc.

Website Link:

#7 eCommerce Website of the Year

Swear London is a eCommerce store that has been nominated for the website of the year by

They are a catalog style site that allows the user to browse through and create a customized look based on the season they are trying to go for.

The company that created the site also developed a tool that allows you to customize shoes and order them online.


An image of a shoe

Customise360 allows you to create your own unique shoe style and stand out from the rest. This is done through a custom Javascript platform designed by the website company that created this site for

#8 Nike React Website

A nike react website

The Nike React website was created by a company called DPDK based out of the Netherlands. They work with large brands like Nike, and 7up.

The main objective of the site seems to be Nike’s promotion of a new type of technology that allows running to have a more efficient shoe.

When going to the website you are greeted by a really cool animation of different characters running on the screen

This prompts you to explore the website and create your own character through their custom character builder.

Custom Shoe Builder

A custom shoe builder

You are able to actually create some pretty cool and weird things on this website. You can download and share this character through their email sign up system on the site. This is a pretty genius idea to promote their shoes, you can even buy the shoe that you signed online, its pretty awesome.

If you are bored at work and want to mess around with something and buy some new shoes. Feel free to create your own character here:

#9 Artistic Website Designer

An artistic website

This website is designed by a company in Denmark called DENKWERK they specialize in cutting edge when design that breaks through barriers and traditional design.

They have many case studies on their website that relate to the use of shapes and colors to capture the visitor.

Art4GlobalGoals is the website they had features as one of their most current project that is going to win an award from a website company.

It uses many web development techniques to create the fuzzy background effect and the brush strokes that fade in and out on the main page.

If you want to checkout this website goto:

#10 PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA: Restaurant Website

A pizza image

San Luis Valley Pizza Company is located in Alamosa, CO. They specialize in amazing pizza and steaks. We first started working with them around 2014 and have been handling their website needs ever since.

We started off with build a simple website to get them on the right path as far as being able to show up for some local searches in their area.

Having a well built restaurant website is one of the main keys to bringing in new customers.

The reason businesses choose to go with us is because we are able to create a dynamic web experience through personalized content that helps drive more conversions from new and returning visitors. If you you want to find out what we can do for you, feel free to schedule a demo here:

10 Creative Web Design Ideas In 2023


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